How to plan your medical travel journey?

If you have never visited a hospital overseas, don't hesitate.  We see over 1,000 international patients every day, so we have plenty of experience in arranging everything from doctor's appointments to airport pick ups to hotel accommodations. This video explains how you can plan your visit, along with what we can do to help so that you have a smooth, safe and succesful patient experience. 

Pre Arrival


  • Meet & Greet at Airport
    Arriving at Don Muang Airport

    Arriving at Suvarnabhumi Airport

  • Bumrungrad Shuttle Van Service
    We provide Bumrungrad International Shuttle Van Services (One-way). Service area, please click here
  • Hotel Booking Service
    We can help you booking the hotel when you arrive to Suvarnabhumi International Airport 
  • Appointment Scheduling Services
    Upon arrival, you can confirm and/or schedule your appointments either Airport Representative Office at Suvarnabhumi International Airport or call our contact center 02-0668888 (24/7) 
  • Hospital Map and Direction


Departure / Follow up

  • Discharge Plan
    • Patients and Medical travel patients should be assessed by Physicians and the written discharge orders should be recorded and stated in the medical records before discharge in order to ensure the safety and be ready for the discharge process.
  • Discharge Time
    The discharge time is 11.00am 

    On discharge day, if the patients and Medical travel patients request to stay over time

    specified; the additional expenses will be charged as follows:

    • If discharge within 6:00 pm, room and service will be charged half day but food service will be charged at actual cost.
    • If discharge after 6:00 pm, room, service and food will be charged the whole day.

    In case the patient is transferred to the Critical Care Unit, the hospital would like to ask for cooperation to return the room to the hospital.

  • Travelling by Air

    If the patients and Medical travel patients need to travel by air to your country or another travel destination:


    • Please ask your doctor to certify “Fit for Travel Medical Certificate” which includes the list of medications you are going to be carrying. “Fit for Travel Medical Certificate” is valid for 7 days from the date of issue.
    • Ensure that you ask your physician for your summary reports, lab tests and x-ray results
    • Ensure that you have a contact data to your clinic, your transport provider, your Patient Assistant
    • Ensure that you inform your physician and your nurse where your destination is
    • Ensure that someone will pick you up from the airport destination
  • Against Medical Advice
    Patients and Medical travel patients who refuse all types of diagnostic, treatment both inpatient and outpatient; Patients and Medical travel patients have to follow the hospital policy by signing “Consent : Against Medical Advice” 
  • Discharge Education / Follow-up
    Discharge recommendation and future appointments will be provided to Patients and Medical travel patient as follows: 
    • Patients and Medical travel patient are educated about drugs that they have been given.
    • Patients and Medical travel patient have been taught about how to manage with the environment to suit for health’s condition, the utilization of community resources and dealing with the economic and social problems.
    • Patients and Medical travel patient and family understand the goal of treatment and be able to observe their own symptom and notify physician / nurse about significant symptoms. They have sufficient knowledge to handle the emergency situation by themselves appropriately before arriving to hospital.
    • Patients and Medical travel patient and family understand their own health status such as limitation, effect from illness and are able to handle daily activities to cope with the health limitation, help recovery and prevent complication.
    • Patients and Medical travel patient understand and realize about the importance of appointment, asking for helps in case of emergency as well as the treatment outcome and treatment plan to the other units which has been transferred
    • Patients and Medical travel patient understand and are able to select food based on health’s condition and its limitation
    • If treatment must be continued at another healthcare facility, the given treatment will be summarized by a physician in a Summary Report. The nurse must give this Summary Report to the patient upon discharge.
  • Level of Satisfaction for Health Experience

    Patients and Medical travel patients will be contacted after being discharged from the hospital for follow-up on their medical conditions and also to assess their satisfaction towards the services provided Please provide the contact details to ward nurses so that our Coordination Physicians and our Cultural Support Officers are able to follow-up with you.

    Your feedback towards our health care services is valuable to our organization to improve our services, safety and ethic. 

Talk to our Referral Office Representative in the United Arab Emirates

Our local representatives speak your language and can assist you by answering any questions you have about the hospital as well as book travel arrangements. There are no additional costs for using this service as per Bumrungrad's One Price Policy.