Diagnostic Coronary Angiogram via Femoral (groin)

Cost*: 52,000 THB

This package is valid until June 30, 2022

Coronary Angiogram is a diagnostic procedure of which the status of coronary arteries (arteries that give blood supply to the heart) is defined.

Cardiac catheterization or coronary angiogram refers to a procedure where contrast is injected into the circulatory system. It is minimally invasive, but allows a doctor to assess the blood vessels that support the muscles of the heart for any narrowing or blockage, the strength of the heart, the effectiveness of the heart’s valves, and the pressure within the heart and other parts of the heart as well.

  1. Chest pain.
  2. Abnormal electrocardiogram (EKG) during rest or exercise.
  3. Diagnosis of disease.
  4. Preparing for surgery.

Preparing to undergo the procedure
  1. Avoid food and water for at least six hours before the procedure.
  2. Discuss with Doctor whether any medications need to be stopped before the procedure.

Examination Process
  1. During the procedure, an intravenous line will be started for fluids and medication. 
  2. At Cardiac Catheterization room, the electrodes are placed on your chest, which monitors your heart rate and rhythm during the procedure.
  3. Local anesthesia will be injected into the groin.
  4. The doctor will insert a small catheter into a blood vessel at the numbed area. The catheter is usually very, very small. The catheter will be threaded through the blood vessel until it reaches the heart.
  5. Contrast material is injected through the catheter.  An x-ray machine will take quick, successive images of the vessels, showing the circulatory pathways clearly. The procedure takes approximately 30 to 60 minutes.
  6. After it is complete, the catheter will be removed. The puncture site will be pressed around 20 minutes. You will need to lie flat and keep the leg straight for 6 hours to prevent bleeding.

Package Inclusions
  • Cardiac catheterization room charges: use of cardiac catheterization lab, hemodynamic monitoring and a nursing and technician team
  • Accommodation for one night in the medical/surgical ward floor, including charges for room, nursing services, and food ordered from the standard hospital menu
  • Radiology Studies: Chest X-ray 1 time
  • Cardiac investigation : EKG 1 time
  • Medical Supplies and Medical equipment: Routine items used for procedure
  • Medications: Routine medication used for procedure
  • Cardiologist’s fees for procedure

Package Exclusions
  • Charges for inpatient stays in excess of one night
  • Catheters in excess of three lines
  • Laboratory testing, Radiology Studies
  • Outpatient fees and expenses incurred before admission.
  • Charges for ICU stays (if required)
  • Charges for others specialist consultation
  • Admission physician fees, Daily round physician fees and Discharge summary fee
  • Charges for complex cases requiring special equipment and hospital stays in excess of program
  • Items of a personal nature such as in-room soft drinks, telephone charges and guest meals will be charged at the normal rates in effect.
  • Charges for Blood transfusion, Laboratory tests and other diagnostic tests Pre & Post operation
  • Take home medications; and medical supplies.

Terms & Conditions : 
  1. Patients need to make an appointment with a cardiologist to evaluate current symptoms or cardiac risk factors, and to determine the appropriateness and safety of coronary angiogram before doing the test.

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